Hi there, I'm Aime

Creative changemaker, champion of human potential, Calling catalyst, evolutionary life and business strategist, and transformational mentor.

I’m a deeply curious and enthusiastic soul with a passion for developing tools and resources to support evolutionary living and business, bold and creative self-expression, and crafting daily adventures with a dash of wonder and magic.



How I found my calling and
began to live it.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve never quite felt I was meant to live a conventional life.  So when I found myself “dutifully” climbing higher and higher on what appeared to be “The American Dream” ladder of success, I began to feel increasingly restless, unfulfilled, unhealthy, and exhausted.

It wasn’t obvious on the surface what was wrong, but inside I felt like a caged bird who couldn’t breathe. All the things that were “supposed” to make me happy, the prestigious job, the house, the car, and all the other symbols of traditional success, left me feeling empty, confused, and off track.  I'd spent years investing my time, money, and energy into building my life by a set of rules that weren't my own. What had been advertised as the ideal “path to freedom” was making me feel anything BUT free.


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This increasing discomfort enabled me to finally recognize FREEDOM as one of my highest values. It was at this point I knew that I had to shift my life in a new direction. One pointed towards True Freedom that lit me up from the inside out. Life on my own terms.

I knew this new vision would require deep introspection and commitment in order to change the patterns, habits, and beliefs that had taken me so far off my true course. So after the birth of my twins, I devoted the first few years of their lives to deeply nurturing both them and myself. (And as a former workaholic overachiever like myself, this was a radically new experience.) This decision is what started my journey back to my Essential Self.

Deconstructing my former life required me to overcome personal pains and professional struggles running the gamut from nagging self doubt to acute outer betrayal. This process allowed me to finally recognize and fully embrace my deepest core gifts, which had become buried under a protective shell of outer expectations. Once I did the work, I was able to completely redesign my life, both inside and out, to support the dreams I really wanted to manifest in the world.

Through this wild decade-long adventure, I’ve explored, studied, and synthesized many diverse maps of Human Potential, including Evolutionary Astrology, Universal Archetypes, the Enneagram, Soul Languages, Human Design, Positive Psychology, and a few others. Through this work, I’ve developed a number of innovative approaches and strategies to significantly expedite the process of aligning with one’s True Calling in life and “Great Work” in order to experience more meaning, joy, and positive impact in the world.

It’s my deep desire to not only live into my own highest potential, but also help others do the same. My favorite part of my work with clients is when I offer that “just right” question or insight that unlocks a deep and catalyzing “aha” moment that transforms everything.

I invite you to step into the brightest version of who you are and into the power of your unique design. It’s from this place that you are best able to serve the world.


My Core Values

Living my True Calling really comes down to embodying these 8 Core Values and weaving them through all of my business offerings. If these 8 values resonate with you, the chances are good that you too are a creative changemaker and you're going to love what I offer here to support you!



To view life as a series of exciting adventures full of lessons, insights, and fun!


To bring a creative heart and mind to every opportunity that arises.


To commit to always taking the next "right for me" action even when it isn’t easy or popular.


To design all I do and create in an effort to cultivate more joy for myself and others.


To strive to shed all conditions that create lack, limitation, and stress, in favor of abundance, expansion, and flow.


To challenge myself to have all my outer words, actions, and endeavors align with my inner core values.


To invite in others' creativity, support, and wisdom because collaborative adventures can unleash whole new levels of potential.


To appreciate my life in the present and still honor my soul's desire to expand and grow into the boldest and brightest version of myself.

You showed me that there is a clear roadmap into who I am and how best to partner with myself to have and experience what I most want out of life. You also revealed what really makes me tick and how I can fully operate from my full potential to live a life of joy.
— Nat Couropmitree |

Aime Miyamoto is a transformational mentor and guide to creative changemakers, champion of human potential, Calling catalyst, and evolutionary life and business strategist. She believes that everyone has unique core gifts to share with the world. And that as more people unlock the code to their True Calling, the world will start changing for the better at an exponential pace.

When she’s not working, you can find Aime planning mini adventures around her hometown of San Diego; trying out the latest veggie recipes in the kitchen with her “weekend chef” husband, Jeff; or scrambling to keep up with her dynamic tween twins, Maya and Zoe. 
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