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Ignite Your Calling


Become crystal clear about your True Calling and ignite its power across every area of your life and business.


The clarity of your Vision is the foundation that supports everything else you do. Whether you're looking for more clarity in your life or business, I want to help you identify and IGNITE your True Calling to skyrocket your confidence and momentum around that next Big Leap that you've been preparing for.


In the Ignite Your Calling Program you will...


    Discover the essence of who you really came here to be

    the core focus of your Great Work in the world, and a solid sense of your higher purpose.


    Confirm what matters to you most in life and business

    to create the meaning, fulfillment, and impact you crave.  


    Identify your core gifts, challenges

    and unique blind spots
    (the good news is that once you know what they are you can transform them into your unique super powers!) 


    Unlock the potential of your unique design

    in order to live more fully, create more impactfully, and express your unique Calling across everything you do.

    The Ignite Your Calling Program is a deep dive experience that creates the clear and solid foundation necessary to ignite the unwavering confidence, validation, and inspiration you've been craving so you can finally get your Next Big Thing out into the world, once and for all.


    During your Ignite Your Calling experience we will meet four times, once a week for 90 minutes. Each week we will unlock a different piece of your unique calling puzzle.

    Your Investment is $997 (Launch Price)


    Start making deep clarity the foundation of this next big chapter of your life.


    You'll love the Ignite Your Calling experience if:

    You're wishing you could just get clear about what you REALLY want because you're craving a way to create deeper meaning in your life.

    You've been questioning "what's next" for your work in the world. Or you can't seem to find a way to bring all your ideas and passions together into one cohesive plan.

    You've had this nagging feeling that life has something more in store for you but you haven't been able to figure out exactly what that is on your own.

    You've been wanting to learn more about how to utilize your intuitive wisdom and unique soul level energies as a powerful guiding compass in your life and business.

    You desire one-on-one support and wisdom from an experienced outside perspective that can offer you specific intuitive insights and practical strategies related to your unique energy map.


    You may NOT be ready for Ignite Your Calling if:

    You learn best in group or class settings rather than in the more intimate format of one-on-one mentoring strategy sessions.

    You believe that if you can't experience something with your 5 senses, then it doesn't exist.  Therefore, things like energy, soul, and spirit are challenging for you to embrace. 

    You consider yourself an exclusively concrete or logical thinker and find it difficult to process symbolic and metaphorical information.

    You're looking for an instant "quick fix" solution that doesn't require any integration work on your part.

    You're unwilling or unable to take full responsibility for all aspects of your current life circumstances.

    If you feel like this best describes you, I encourage you to check out my free 5 Steps to Clarify Your Calling Guide.


    During your Ignite Your Calling experience we will meet four times, once a week for 90 minutes. Each week we will unlock a different piece of your unique calling puzzle.

    Your Investment is $997
    Launch Price

    The Ignite Your Calling experience provided clarity as to why I operate and think the way I do on a personal level. It also provided a validation of who I am at my core that invited a sense of inner ease. I can’t say enough that learning that I’m an “assertive nurturer” was a YES! moment. It clarified in two words the way that I approach all things in life.

    Business wise, you provided me with a foundational roadmap to focus both my content and my energy. It is an innovative form of business plan that clearly and uniquely guides my business efforts.
    — Jody Illies | www.JustBeBalanced.com
    The Ignite Your Calling experience has been truly game-changing! I have a clarity and confidence in what I am doing that did not exist before. I feel like I got a solid “YES” from the universe (and you) to keep going. I feel validated, inspired, revived, and ready to make a difference in the world in a BIG way. And I understand the deep “why” behind it all. I have a renewed trust in my unique ability to lead and make decisions in a way that validates my core gifts.

    From a business perspective, I am now using my 3 core business energies as a distinct guiding business metric to gauge if something is right for my business. Knowing these defined business energies makes the process of determining aligned products and services both clear and easy. Since our work together, I have finished my book, am researching publishing options, and have a roll out strategy meeting planned for both the book and Courageous Girl.

    Aime, I cannot thank you enough, this has been one of the highlights of self discovery for me.
    — Jody Smith